Meaning of 温柔

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wēn róu (Trad.: 溫柔)
gentle and soft; tender
Related Words
Antonyms: 粗暴
Example Sentences
Though I cannot say I made a gentle nurse, and Joseph and the master were no better; and though our patient was as wearisome and headstrong as a patient could be, she weathered it through.
What can this situation teach you about opening your heart - to yourself, others, and the tenderness of being human?
"It scares me that if a man can do something like that - one who I know is gentle, and has been a good man throughout my whole life - am I capable of that?" he says.
In soft tones she said, "This is part of your body. This is you.
What form we seem to them to bear we know not; we know only that we terrify even those whom we most wish to comfort, and from whom we most crave tenderness and sympathy.