Meaning of 沙坪坝

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shā píng (Trad.: 沙坪壩)
Shapingba district of central Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
Example Sentences
HUAHUA: That newly opened Wangpangzi hotpot restaurant in Shapingba is supposed to be excellent.
The urban area of Chongqing proper includes the following districts: Yuzhong district , Nan'an district, Jiangbei district, Shapingba district, Jiulongpo district and Dadukou district .
A couple of years ago, this film festival was facilitated under a private conversation held by the heads of the Open-air Theatre Studio and the manager of the Shapingba Movie Theatre.
"If the water levels in the Yangtze and its upper tributary Jialing River continue to decline, we'll face a real crisis, " Xinhua quoted a spokesman with Shapingba Waterworks as saying.
One of my colleague found one and he tracked a long way from Sha Ping Ba to Jie Fang Bei and then to Jiang Bei to exchange this note at the major stores in Chongqing.