Meaning of 沉闷

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chén mèn (Trad.: 沉悶)
oppressive (of weather); heavy; depressed; not happy; (of sound) dull; muffled
Related Words
Synonym: 烦闷 郁闷
Antonyms: 舒畅 活跃
Example Sentences
He leant his forehead on his hand, and people, looking in through the open door, --for this scene is supposed to take place on a summer's evening--But how dull this is, this historical fiction!
"I grew up in a place like this, where everyone I knew went to space, " Garriott tells me over a lunch of veal and cabbage at a dreary Star City cafeteria.
The time will come when all activities are depressing and heavy, and the dreaded question, "What' s the use?" will have to be faced and dealt with.
You might think that imagining a future haircut would be pretty dull. Not at all.
The atmosphere was dull at best and I actually inhabited the room for the better part of the semester without incident until two weeks before finals.