Meaning of 横向

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héng xiàng (Trad.: 橫向)
horizontal; orthogonal; perpendicular; lateral; crosswise
Example Sentences
If career advancement is important to you, there may be some lateral moves that would work out for you and the company.
To increase muscle power across a range of motion, for instance, he updates weight drills like squats, curls and presses by adding lateral motions, one-armed or one-legged lifts and other variations.
He did so to impede lateral communications within the officer corps and to prevent interoperability with nominally allied forces, including those of friendly Arab countries.
What Dr. Potter suggests, if possible, is a lateral move within your present organization, such as a move to another department or to a different position.
"Her model fits really well along the horizontal dimension, but I have my doubts about the vertical," said Dr. Galinsky.