Meaning of 梗概

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gěng gài
synopsis; outline (of story)
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Synonym: 大概 大略 大意
Antonyms: 细节
Example Sentences
That's the basic outline of the story of Joseph and his brothers, but one of the important themes of these stories is the theme of God's providence.
That is, although we can hold lots of things in long-term memory, the details of the memory aren't always crystal-clear and are often limited to just the gist of what we saw or what happened.
He retained the broad outline of the tragedy but not the details of the play.
We aim to list every detail about every movie and TV show ever made, including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, trailers, photos, reviews, quotes, goofs, trivia and much more.
It is the bare bones of quantum mechanics that have proved to be consistent with what is presently known of the subatomic world.