Meaning of 李云娜

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yún (Trad.: 李雲娜)
Euna Lee (phonetic transcription), US woman journalist imprisoned as spy by North Korea in 2009; also written 李诚恩
Example Sentences
Lee, a Korean-American, and Ling, a Chinese-American, will be tried in North Korea's central court.
The two journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, were arrested in March and charged with illegally entering the country with "hostile" intent.
A plane carrying Laura Ling, Euna Lee and former President Clinton arrived in Burbank, California Wednesday.
U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the former president's wife, speaking in Nairobi, Kenya, denied that her husband apologized for Lee and Ling.
The journalists and the former president were greeted by cheers when they stepped off the plane. President Barack Obama said he is "extraordinarily relieved" over the release.