Meaning of 机缘

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yuán (Trad.: 機緣)
chance; opportunity; destiny
Related Words
Synonym: 机遇 时机 机会
Example Sentences
But coincidence had pushed her here, and she put the bag down, again realizing that if she quit now she would always wonder what would have happened.
Every time that that chance which meddles with the strolls of persons whose gaze is turned inwards,led Marius to that walk,--and it was nearly every day,--he found this couple there.
"I insist I am quite serious about this, "the figure said, "and furthermore you had best consider carefully what you wish for as your chances for going to heaven depend upon it.
My friend had not shared a word of her difficulties, yet this chance encounter satisfied her need to receive something positive.
At a level professional field, some circumstances may emerge which would help make a breakthrough and reach a new level.