Meaning of 晦暗

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huì àn
dark and gloomy
Related Words
Synonym: 昏暗 阴暗
Antonyms: 光亮 明亮 晶莹
Example Sentences
Her own dress was of the coarsest materials and the most sombre hue; with only that one ornament- the scarlet letter- which it was her doom to wear.
But we also have to face as we go into this deeper dialogue of our own tradition, the darker chapters.
I trusted and valued that flicker of unease, and I wanted to feel it play out more, to see Donoghue go deeper into the mucky, messy territory of growth.
If you' ve never been through a deep depression, I can tell you that it's a very dark place I never want to visit again.
Philosophically considered, therefore, the two passions seem essentially the same, except that one happens to be seen in a celestial radiance, and the other in a dusky and lurid glow.