Meaning of 方寸

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fāng cùn
square cun (Chinese unit of area: 1 cun × 1 cun, or 3⅓ cm × 3⅓ cm); heart; mind
Example Sentences
I would square inch world, learned a wealth of knowledge, aware of a major events, to find happiness within my own!
Philatelic countless happy, lots to talk about the role of philately, let us quickly enter the wonderful world of seals the door to it, let it grow for keeping us happy!
To be rash and too much in haste to go one year license can earn extra money by me, which highlights its to events disrupt the confusion has hands but no feet.
Even in their liberal enclave, the couple contend that they and their daughter should be assured of their rights.
That's a rarity in the history of revolutions, in which the distance from liberation to despotism - from euphoria to terror - is usually short.