Meaning of 新疆

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xīn jiāng
Xinjiang; Uighur autonomous region 新疆维吾尔自治区
Example Sentences
I asked him to bring me some raisins when he returns from Xinjiang.
These laws and regulations are applicable in Kashgar, Xinjiang, just as in other places of China.
It dispatches groups of teachers from Xinjiang universities to help teach Mandarin to young Kyrgyz and has even distributed free television receivers to homes across the south of the country.
Gong, a researcher at the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his team dug up the foods at the Subeixi Cemeteries in the Turpan District of Xinjiang, China.
A thousand years ago, the caravans that crisscrossed Xinjiang, a land of deserts and mountains at the heart of the Silk Road, steered clear of the Taklamakan.