Meaning of 支吾其词

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zhī (Trad.: 支吾其詞)
(idiom) to talk in a roundabout way to cover up the truth; evasive
Related Words
Antonyms: 侃侃而谈
Example Sentences
Such a teacher will be able to deal with all of the spiritual concerns that the student may have, with no hesitation.
Please stop equivocating and give me a straight answer.
I'd prevaricate. "Well, I come from a Christian country but ..."
We now know that Rupert just might be a doddering old fool, that his son can prevaricate with the best of them, and that Wendi Deng has clearly been put on edge by the whole experience.
Voluntary action has an important role - it can fill vacuums left by prevaricating governments and can pilot ideas, encourage action and pull societies into a new space to which others can aspire.