Meaning of 撕毁

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huǐ (Trad.: 撕毀)
to tear up; to rip up; too shred
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Antonyms: 签订
Example Sentences
Don't ask your child to stop tearing the newspaper you haven't read yet.
He pointed out that e-books were not only cheaper, because of the lack of wear and tear and thefts, but they also offered great opportunities for older housebound readers.
The same year he was allowed to speak for more than an hour at the UN, repaying its tolerance by tearing from the UN Charter the pages that talked about democracy.
The auto industry unions are facing a similar issue - but the big difference is that there is a negotiation; no one is unilaterally tearing up contracts.
One whipped out his knife and tore my clothes off, cutting me on the back in the process.