Meaning of 措辞

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cuò (Trad.: 措辭)
wording; way of expressing something; turn of phrase; diction
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Example Sentences
Of course your mood will influence your tone, but choosing your words with care will get you more from most situations than simply barking like a dog with the first words that fly into your mind.
They, or words very like them, are used again in your letter and I believe, in the light of the above, you would not feel inclined to sign your name to them again.
You may not want to phrase it like this, but you need to know the answer.
On just these questions, although you have phrased them a bit more narrowly. And I have been trying to figure out how I might answer and, perhaps more intriguingly, why you were asking.
But then they altered the wording to say that some analysts were predicting that.