Meaning of 挂钩

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guà gōu (Trad.: 掛鉤)
hook (on which to hang sth); to couple; to link together; to establish contact with; hook; coupling links (e.g. between two railway coaches)
Example Sentences
A sturdy thermos is ideal for hot coffee or soup, and it'll hook onto your backpack or book bag.
Link questions of salary to the work itself.
Labov said. "Bard and a number of other places are recognizing that if you engage students early in their careers, you can get them hooked on science.
This is a mechanism identical to today's currency boards, which is why I say that a gold standard system is like a "currency board linked to gold.
This isn't strictly a technology that hooks into the mind directly, and it's more similar to something out of the movie Minority Report, but it's still scary enough to be Orwellian.