Meaning of 持重

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chí zhòng
prudent; cautious; to be in charge of ritual ceremonies; to hold an important office
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Antonyms: 轻浮 鲁莽
Example Sentences
He is a serious young man.
The English have an island culture - quirky and self-contained.
One of the biggest bombshells of our entire project: cheerful and optimistic children were less likely to live to an old age than their more staid and sober counterparts!
If, however, you feel you can keep your promise to me, but are of too timid and modest a journey to England unaccompanied, then write to me, and I will, by some means, return to fetch my bride.
Some jokingly call it the only Italian city north of the Blps, a reference to Munich's easygoing spirit that contrasts with the staid impression many foreigners have of Germany.