Meaning of 担

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(Trad.: 擔)
Total strokes: 8; Radical:
Pictophonetic: indicates the sound; (hand) conveys the meaning.
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 担
  • Pinyin: dān
    English Definition: to undertake; to carry; to shoulder; to take responsibility
    Chinese Definition:

    Example Words:
    担心 dān xīn anxious; worried; uneasy; to worry; to be anxious
    担任 dān rèn to hold a governmental office or post; to assume office of; to take charge of; to serve as
    承担 chéng dān to undertake; to assume (responsibility etc)
    负担 dān burden; to bear a burden
    担保 dān bǎo to guarantee; to vouch for
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  • Pinyin: dàn
    English Definition: picul (100 catties, 50 kg); two buckets full; carrying pole and its load; classifier for loads carried on a shoulder pole
    Chinese Definition:

    Example Words:
    担子 dàn zi carrying pole and the loads on it; burden; task; responsibility; Classifiers:
    重担 zhòng dàn heavy burden; difficult task; great responsibility
    勇挑重担 yǒng tiāo zhòng dàn to bravely take on heavy responsibilities (idiom)
    公担 gōng dàn quintal (100 kg)
    担担面 dàn dàn miàn Sichuan noodles with a spicy and numbing sauce
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Example Sentences
Always a lot of "experts" are not as great either, Zhang Qizui talk nonsense, you let him try to run 45 minutes after a meal to go.
I know the problems started in my department, but I don't think I should shoulder the responsibility for other people's mistakes.
I'm afraid I can't shoulder such a responsibility.
Some people have it as an appetizer, others have it during the meal instead of rice.
Or when the other investment bankers and their shareholders take on that extra bit of risk, knowing that they keep all the gains, but that the state will shoulder some of the losses?