Meaning of 抽丝剥茧

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chōu bāo jiǎn (Trad.: 抽絲剝繭)
lit. to spin silk from cocoons; fig. to make a painstaking investigation (idiom)
Example Sentences
There' s a whole third season of plot we get to mine through these fascinating characters.
They can separate facts from opinions and don' t pretend to have all the answers.
He then dismantled, brick by crumbling brick, the weak case made by supporters of Proposition 8 and laid out the facts presented in testimony.
We will peel back the layers to look at the technology below for sports like basketball, gymnastics, beach volleyball and football.
That was a great education, just picking apart, you know, who sang what on the albums, because sometimes, she actually sang lower than one of the guys.