Meaning of 抨击

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pēng (Trad.: 抨擊)
to attack (verbally or in writing)
Related Words
Synonym: 进击 袭击 攻击
Antonyms: 歌颂 推奖
Example Sentences
Now the question is, how to do it kindly, without attacking, so that your purposes are accomplished.
Why can't you put that in your paper, or if you want, just publish the paper, which is interesting and then have a postscript in which you attack the...Because that's obviously relevant.
First, the teacher interrupted the attack by asking the name of the student with the horns.
Only three Republican senators supported the bill and no Republicans in the House of Representatives backed it. They kept up their criticism on the Sunday television talk shows.
So we have this anonymous attacker who dismisses Milton's earlier political treatises, especially The Reason of Church Government and other early works.