Meaning of 抄家

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chāo jiā
to search a house and confiscate possessions
Example Sentences
Before have never worried, because not is seize entire family belongs be loot an enemy, come of quick, nature also big hand big feet go to of quick.
China won't see a return of the red terror of arbitrary home ransacking and pervasive literary persecution, however incidents of home searches and confiscating computers are now quite common.
This site will tie in with Google maps and will designate the homes searched to a very high degree, etc. This is a very intensive site.
It may be difficult to believe but speculators are shrugging off the bleak outlook for the housing market by continuing to invest in new-build developments in the hope of turning a quick profit.
Beijing citizen who has never met Zhao Lianhai published his opinion supporting Zhao online, his house was then searched and he was detained for investigation by the national guards.