Meaning of 戊戌维新

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wéi xīn (Trad.: 戊戌維新)
Hundred Days Reform (1898), failed attempt to reform the Qing dynasty
Example Sentences
Liang's civil rights doctrine can be reviewed from two periods, one is the time of reform in 1898, and the other is the time of Liang's exiled life in Japan.
Since the Constitutional Reform Movement of 1898, the Confucius Worshipping and Confucian-classics Reading had been charged by the new culture with dying feudalism.
Since the Hundred Days of Reform in 1898, women education became constantly enrich and improved. Women schools have developed as bamboo shoots after a spring rain.
For instance, the spread of new ideological cultural perspective before and after The Hundred Days of Reform stimulated the Revolution of 1911 and Constitutionalism Movement.
Because no good rare books were available when he was in his editorial work, he set up the Hanfen Library and named it Hanfen, meaning gaining fragrance of the rare books and sweet smell of knowledge.