Meaning of 慢吞吞

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màn tūn tūn
very slow; exasperatingly slow
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Example Sentences
Every Saturday morning for ten weeks, the two of them had shuffled up the steps with eighteen other applicants and undergone a lengthy, rigorous audition process disguised as a Mommy & Me class.
One morning, I shuffled downstairs and was startled to see a snowplow clearing my driveway and the bent back of a woman shoveling my walk.
She would never forget the leap of her heart as she heard it, as if for the first time, drawling , resonant , musical.
"It' s a war, " he said slowly, like a man as old as time.
"Thanks, " he drawled slowly, "but I feel like my life is over if I can' t be with the students, " and turned to leave the building.