Meaning of 慌张

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huāng zhāng (Trad.: 慌張)
confused; flustered
Related Words
Synonym: 恐慌 惊慌 张惶
Example Sentences
But even as she strained her eyes down the darkening road, she heard a pounding of hooves at the bottom of the pasture hill and saw the horses and cows scatter in fright.
You' re then stuck folded in a laundry basket, legs cramping, while your children roam the house, getting distracted. Awful.
I never heard any harm of her; and I dare say she is one of the most tractable creatures in the world.
Think about it. Do you get more flustered and tongue-tied when you meet the girl (or guy) of your dreams, or someone who is just not that attractive?
If you feel you' ve gone off course lately don' t panic and don' t think you can never recover because you can.