Meaning of 愤恨

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fèn hèn (Trad.: 憤恨)
to hate; hatred; to resent; embittered
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Synonym: 恼恨 愤怒 痛恨
Antonyms: 喜爱
Example Sentences
Meet your needs by asking for hand-outs if you must, since at least you won' t be poisoning others with your fear and resentment.
Some news organizations have even suggested in commentaries that his man-of-the-people style is an act, an American plot to stir citizens' resentment of their own leaders.
But there is a second definition of forgiveness - to relinquish resentment against the debtor. This is harder to understand.
Loyalty to those people is dangerous, since it hurts your growth and builds resentment.
But what they detest is the idea that it might let feckless Italians and Portuguese off the hook.