Meaning of 感触

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gǎn chù (Trad.: 感觸)
one's thoughts and feelings; emotional stirring; moved; touched
Related Words
Antonyms: 感受
Example Sentences
Prepare yourself for these feelings by getting support from family, friends, a counselor, or another student who has spent time abroad.
Talk about getting straight to the point. Most of us could write a book when asked what we do for a living and how we feel about it.
We all know the feeling: you receive the kind of gift that you wouldn' t choose for yourself in a million years. But you have to grin and bear it pretending that you love your new present.
In other words; whatever emotions and feelings we have towards something or someone eventually will become our reality.
Those we love have a unique power to influence how we feel about life and about ourselves, and genuinely nice, good-hearted people are much more apt to exercise that power for the better.