Meaning of 悬念

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xuán niàn (Trad.: 懸念)
suspense in a movie, play etc; concern for sb's welfare
Related Words
Synonym: 疑团
Antonyms: 放心
Example Sentences
The tension or suspense is: what will the moral be?
We have this suspense, as I say, between expectation, the possibility of violation, and simply not knowing.
To ruin the suspense shamelessly: Hans will eventually come full circle and patch things up with his wife.
But, lo and behold, she falls for him, and while the rest of the world waits for the other shoe to drop , he plows forward in the resolute belief that nothing matters except her.
This paper attempts to analyse the tragic technique of expression in this short story from four aspects - language, relations between characters, accident and coincidence, as well as symbolism.