Meaning of 悬崖

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xuán (Trad.: 懸崖)
precipice; overhanging cliff
Example Sentences
It's impossible. All the ski runs are carefully marked.And if there is something that might be dangerous, like a cliff or something, then they often put a fence around it.
Among all the unfathomable precipices which surrounded him, which was his choice?
They loved it because you could only get to it by the bridge across the creek; the surrounding trees and the steep bushy cliff behind shut it in like a house in a forest clearing.
We all know the classic scenes from cartoons. The cart reaches a precipice. But it goes on walking. Ignoring the fact that there is nothing beneath.
But can keep you from falling off the cliff of achievement in no time. It will prevent you from wasting time and falling short in all aspect of you life!