Meaning of 恬淡

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tián dàn
quiet and contented; indifferent to fame or gain
Related Words
Synonym: 澹泊
Example Sentences
Some flowers, and I feel that as long as the green, tranquil and calm sense of life.
Talking of my childhood, I'm forever grateful to my good parents. To them I owe my habit of living a quiet and simple life and my "back to nature" propensity.
Road, expressed the birth of thoughts calm clean air, detached indifferent to the emotional mood;
While the simple and easy life indifferent to fame and wealth is a good way of life but it doesn't mean to stay still in a place like the dead water for the whole life.
Of too many disappointments, you do not have the blame on others, can only cope with success and failure frankly, in the Tien-Tien pale, flat in a quiet contented Society.