Meaning of 怨恨

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yuàn hèn
to resent; to harbor a grudge against; to loathe; resentment; rancor
Related Words
Synonym: 痛恨 仇恨 憎恨
Antonyms: 感激
Example Sentences
Thay believes that within every person are the seeds of love, compassion and understanding as well as the seeds of anger, hatred and discrimination.
Now think about a time you were around somebody who was really depressed.They think the world is against them, a lot of things are on their mind, they never have any fun and just hate life.
One might as well focus on resolving other conflicts and maintain other surviving relationships well, lest new regrets and resentment form.
To engage also means not to hold any grudges against the other person.
Because our stories of grievance and resentment are a way to define who we think we are.