Meaning of 怜爱

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lián ài (Trad.: 憐愛)
to have tender affection for; to love tenderly; to pamper sb
Related Words
Synonym: 心爱 疼爱 喜爱
Antonyms: 憎恨 憎恶
Example Sentences
As well as respect they must have and show compassion to others as well.
There are many things we can do to help our children become responsible citizens, such as be honest as a daily matter, show respect for other people and be compassionate.
"I'm just standing here, watching you pretend like you' re a little housewife, " he said, fondly.
Within that moment is a fullness of feeling I don't otherwise have in my life.
How can one be surprised, then, if I never feel more affection for the face of this country than amid its poorest men?