Meaning of 怔忡

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zhēng chōng
(of the heart) palpitating with fear; palpitation (Chinese medicine)
Example Sentences
Su remnants snow smells discourse Zheng Chong, about to the happening of bamboo smoothly after solving quicker quit.
Often is accompanied by dizziness, the headache, forgetful, cards and so on palpitation.
In traditional Chinese medicine, SSS belongs to " obstruction of qi in the chest" , "heart-throb" , "continuous palpitation" , "asthenic disease" , "infrequent pulse" .
Is suitable the palpitation palpitation which in the heart blood deficiency and related debilities, the frame of mind insufficient appears, loses sleep the multi-dreams and so on sickness.
"Dan Brook Heart Law" thought that the blood deficiency and related debilities and the asthma are the palpitation pathogenesis basic reasons.