Meaning of 开源节流

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kāi yuán jié liú (Trad.: 開源節流)
lit. to open a water source and reduce outflow (idiom); to increase income and save on spending; to broaden the sources of income and economize on expenditure
Related Words
Antonyms: 铺张浪费
Example Sentences
If you start early, spend wisely and save diligently, your million-dollar dreams are well within reach.
After the holidays, many are ready to take control of their lives.
In economic work, we should pay attention to opening up the source and regulating the flow from time to time.
Do we have a clear idea of each other' s financial obligations and goals, and do our ideas about spending and saving mesh?
Corporations are pulling back across the board and all players - from airlines to hotels to travel management companies - are under pressure.