Meaning of 庄子

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zhuāng (Trad.: 莊子)
Zhuangzi (369-286 BC), Daoist author
Example Sentences
He replied affably, "And you, my friend, how do you know I am not a fish? You are not I".
Therefore, Zhuangzi in his" Autumn "in speaking of such articles a story.
The well-known question posed by Zhuangzi in the 4th century B.C. - was he Zhuangzi who had dreamt of being a butterfly or was he a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuangzi?
Conditions aren't so fabulous that I want to go out and bet the farm on U.S. stocks, but they are good enough that I might want to add a dash of U.S. stock to my portfolio for the next quarter or two.
Lao - tse and Chuang - tse have deep influence on Chinese culture, especially on Chinese literary thinking .