Meaning of 庄严

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zhuāng yán (Trad.: 莊嚴)
solemn; dignified; stately
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Antonyms: 轻浮 轻佻
Example Sentences
But if they were the last words I had to utter - and last words should be very solemn to you and me, Paul, after poor dear Fanny - I would still say I never thought it was.
They met dally in that strange and solemn interval, the twilight of the morning, in the violet or pink dawn; for it was necessary to rise early, so very early, here.
These stately tones are more "we come in peace" than "brace yourself for the jump into hyperspace".
The instant is solemn; there is still time to retract if you think you have been mistaken.
Although China is still not rich, it will seriously fulfill its solemn commitments and continue to offer economic assistance within its available resources to African nations including Togo.