Meaning of 巅峰

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diān fēng (Trad.: 巔峰)
summit; apex; pinnacle (of one's career etc); peak (of a civilization etc)
Related Words
Synonym: 顶峰
Antonyms: 低谷
Example Sentences
Where and when do you want to peak, ? as it were, in terms of your accomplishments?
"I must admit that I have never loved the game more, and I want to play for as long as possible at the top level," he said.
That means some people will reach their mental and physical peak later in the day than others.
Well, that matters to us, but the trouble is, without predictability you don't know where to put the peak.
His insinuation that a woman must sleep her way to the top to work in television embarrassed his colleagues and set off a national debate about sexism.