Meaning of 宏观调控

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hóng guān tiáo kòng (Trad.: 宏觀調控)
Example Sentences
Now that a year has passed could you comment on last year's work with regard to macro regulation?
"To resolve the issues of food supply and prices, we have to bring into play the role of market mechanisms and also carry out macro-control," he said.
I said so for three reasons: First, to eliminate the destabilizing and unhealthy factors in the economy and to solidify the achievements of macro regulations will have to rely on reform.
The primary task for macroeconomic regulation this year is to prevent fast economic growth from becoming overheated growth and keep structural price increases from turning into significant inflation.
But some experts think that Chinese economy has cooled down after macroeconomic adjustment and that from the data of the second quarter released recently, China' s GDP is doomed to outrun Japan' s.