Meaning of 安贫乐道

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ān pín dào (Trad.: 安貧樂道)
to be content with poverty and strive for virtue (idiom)
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Example Sentences
Now then you have chosen this poor industry, you should be content with it .
In Chinese conventional moral notion, the idea of "put up with poverty and enjoying episteme" always be advocated by Confucianism.
Thirdly, he discusses the perfection of the self-personality in the solitude, that is, man should be content to lead a humble but virtuous life.
And it is his contentment with life and ideology without seeking fame that makes him unique form all Shan Ren in late Ming Dynas-ty.
Sushi's life, but is still strong and unyielding, optimistic upward, eagerness, the written word styles are broad-minded.