Meaning of 奔波

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to rush about; to be constantly on the move
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Synonym: 奔忙 奔走
Example Sentences
He went on, "I really did feel more alert and more aware and more at ease - I wasn't running in six directions to get something done, or bouncing off the walls when something went wrong.
In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.
I wish I could just fire the entire staff for being so incompetent, but between going on vacation and running around trying to buy a second home, I'm really only in the office a couple of days a year.
But if you' re running around doing all the little stuff ...sure, you did a lot and you were very busy, but how much did you really accomplish?
"He' s like the traveling pope who wanted to reach out to every person and every human being on earth," remarked another.