Meaning of 失调

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(Trad.: 失調)
Pinyin: shī diào
English Definition: out of tune (music)
Pinyin: shī tiáo
English Definition: imbalance; to become dysfunctional; to lack proper care (after an illness etc)
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Antonyms: 协调 闹争
Example Sentences
While no one knows whether such disorders are more prevalent among Orthodox Jews than in society at large, they may be more baffling to outsiders.
This is not a natural relationship with food, and can lead to a lifetime of eating disorders.
Balance disorders can be signs of other health problems, so it's important to have them checked out.
Regardless of whether these hormones contribute to obesity and eating disorders or are affected by them, do they act alone or in concert?
Psychiatrists use this term to explain the disorders that are related to issues of transgender identity and transsexuals.