Meaning of 夭

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Pinyin: yāo
English Definition: tender; gentle; to die prematurely
Chinese Definition:
Antonyms: 寿
Total strokes: 4; Radical:
Pictographic: A person with head tilted - leaning forward, running, energetic
Character Formation:
  • Above to below
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 夭
Example Words
夭折 yāo zhé to die young or prematurely; to come to a premature end; to be aborted prematurely
夭亡 yāo wáng to die young
逃之夭夭 táo zhī yāo yāo to escape without trace (idiom); to make one's getaway (from the scene of a crime); to show a clean pair of heels
桃之夭夭 táo zhī yāo yāo The peach trees are in full blossom. (idiom)
早夭 zǎo yāo to die young; Taiwan pr. [zao3 yao3]
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Example Sentences
Some of this skill is innate, but many people enhance their ability to learn - - and to relate different aspects of learning - - through college and university courses.
You will have to stay in hospital for sevral days.
The boys threw snowballs at me and before I came to my senses they ran away.
The number of Bajau living on traditional lepa-lepa boats (narrow, high-prowed vessels, highly prized among the region's coastal populations) is dwindling fast, however.
Since diving is the main occupation for the Bajau people, they deliberately rupture their eardrums at an early age.