Meaning of 嗷嗷待哺

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áo áo dài
cry piteously for food
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Antonyms: 丰衣足食
Example Sentences
When asked by the judge why she was giving up her child, the woman responded that she couldn' t feed her, and couldn' t bear to hear her cry from hunger.
I watched her grow from infant to toddler, and I no longer seemed to care that my husband was getting busier and spending less time at home.
She worked in a retail store and made just enough to pay the bills and take care of the other children at home. If I wanted to go to college, it was up to me to find out how to get there.
For one thing, it's hard to see how such an obviously irresponsible plan - since when does starving the I.R.S. for funds help reduce the deficit? - can improve confidence.
Some 2.2 million children were in families whose incomes went up.