Meaning of 喧哗

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xuān huá (Trad.: 喧嘩)
hubbub; clamor; to make a racket
Related Words
Synonym: 喧嚣 吵闹 喧闹
Example Sentences
While I was passing with the crowd in the road I saw thy smile from the balcony and I sang and forgot all noise.
He doesn't like his job, working all day at a dirty and noisy place.
This has happened to me a few times, such as with a phone ringing or the kids making too much noise in the next room.
She loved the life, noise, and color of the market.
One night out in the Bible country, after the hullabaloo of the day was over, I went into his private car along with another newspaper reporter, and we sat down to gabble with him.