Meaning of 啼笑皆非

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xiào jiē fēi
lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom); between laughter and tears
Related Words
Synonym: 哭笑不得
Example Sentences
In the end, the two "business partners" meeting in Beijing, then a series of ironic story.
That' s the funny thing happened on the way to the communications revolution, we stopped talking to another. It is that all the communications technology tools make me feel lonely.
Unexpectedly snowster encounter various difficulties, jealousy between lovers, the interference of outsiders and so on, the story of the romantic love, which makes people awkward.
It was a neat party trick to control the camera's flash, 5x zoom and with the phone -- and to have the phone geotag those pictures -- but switching apps on the phone disconnected the two every time.
The following questions delve behind the formal portraits of our nation's Presidents to reveal their idiosyncrasies, oddities andironies.