Meaning of 哌替啶

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pài dìng
pethidine (aka meperidine or Demerol) (loanword)
Example Sentences
BACKGROUND: Limited evidence supports the efficacy of intraperitoneal meperidine or local anesthetic for postoperative analgesia.
The consumption of midazolam and pethidine during induction and the timing of ventilator weaning were observed.
Results The results showed that pethidine had obvious analgesia action in induced abortion without increasing bleeding and could reduce the complications.
RESULTS: Both consumption sum and DDDs of narcotics increased year by year, much as in the use of morphine controlled release tablets. The consumption of Pethidine Hydrochloride remained great.
Results:In the volume of use, the most three are Durogesic patch, Morphine hydrochloride controlled-release tablets, and Pethidine hydrochloride injection.