Meaning of 哀悼

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āi dào
to grieve over sb's death; to lament sb's death; mourning
Related Words
Synonym: 悲悼 伤悼
Antonyms: 庆贺 祝贺 欢庆
Example Sentences
I don't know if it be a peculiarity in me, but I am seldom otherwise than happy while watching in the chamber of death, should no frenzied or despairing mourner share the duty with me.
They would be the only people who knew about the betrayal, and after an appropriate time of mourning, six months, a year, they could appear as a couple in public.
I am sure you would want to join me in offering our condolences to his family and his colleagues.
These are days for mourners to remember their loved ones, not necessarily on the day of death.
I have spoken directly with the mother and passed on the condolences of all the staff and governors at the school.