Meaning of 呼天抢地

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tiān qiāng (Trad.: 呼天搶地)
utter cries of extreme anguish (idiom)
Related Words
Antonyms: 前仰后合
Example Sentences
This morning Savvy told me again that he help me to give deposit; But I don't believe whatever he said.
Instead of crying about what she had lost and feeling hopeless, Sang Lan thought about what she could do to get better.
We are long past being surprised when complicated and nuanced problems are, in the midst of an electoral whirlwind, turned into reductionist rallying cries.
In the first day when I went to the kindergarten, I cried out loudly as if I had gone to a slaughter house.
By last spring Mr.Yang 40 was afraid to leave his dim mud-clay house."All he did was stay home and cry " Ms.