Meaning of 味同嚼蜡

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wèi tóng jiáo (Trad.: 味同嚼蠟)
tastes as if one is chewing wax (idiom); tasteless; insipid
Example Sentences
"David is actually hysterical, " she laughs, "He has such a dry sense of humour that sometimes you don't know if he's kidding or not.
"So, when it comes time for dinner, " he says, "pasta sauce without added sugar tastes bland.
Science fiction tends to present space food as either flavorless, prefabricated cubes or plates of luscious Earth food that magically appear out of high-tech replicators.
Although the content of the messages can vary wildly from voyeuristically interesting to terribly dull, a frequent stream of updates can strengthen your brand.
Miss Brooke knows that they are apt to become feeble in his. utterance.