Meaning of 周瑜

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Zhou Yu or Chou Yü (175-210), famous general of the southern Wu kingdom and victor of the battle of Redcliff; in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, absolutely no match for Zhuge Liang
Example Sentences
Xiao Qiao: Let's call it Mengmeng! Yu Chou: Oops?! Mengmeng!
" If you got the "Romance of Three Kingdoms" that matter, it is one of Zhou Yu had Huo Tuotuo.
Niu Jin rushed out from the city to capture Zhou Yu, but Xu Sheng and Ding Feng fought very hard and rescued the Commander.
After the banquet, Zhou Yu pretended that he had too much and invited Jiang Gan to his bedroom for a rest. Zhou Yu soon pretended to have fallen asleep.
This feeling, like "Three Kingdoms" in Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang again and again in the count.