Meaning of 卸妆

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xiè zhuāng (Trad.: 卸妝)
to remove makeup; (old) to take off formal dress and ornaments
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Antonyms: 化妆 化装
Example Sentences
It also comes off very easily with make up remover which is fantastic because not all mascaras are like that.
If you can' t find any eye makeup remover, try baby oil or Vaseline to take off your eye makeup. It totally works!
But that was just, and especially in one who died onstage and finished under the actor's make-up a life entirely devoted to dispersion.
Nowglobal diversity and different grooming habits are being closely studied, withthe multinationals literally watching women put on -and take off - their faces.
Sometimes it can be tempting to hit the hay before removing the day' s makeup, but this is one beauty mistake you should never fall victim to.