Meaning of 单方

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dān fāng (Trad.: 單方)
unilateral; one-sided; home remedy; folk prescription(same as 丹方 ); single-drug prescription (same as 奇方 ); metaphorically. a good solution
Example Sentences
So, in this sense, friendship is unilateral while friendship and love is bi-lateral.
No Party or anyone acting on its behalf may have any unilateral communication with the Panel.
But unilateralism only makes sense to the extent that it encourages others to go further too.
If Greece, Ireland, and Portugal do not restructure their debt in an orderly fashion they will ultimately have to default unilaterally.
China has already ruled out a joint referral to the tribunal, but del Rosario said it is possible for a country to go to the panel unilaterally for a non-binding decision.