Meaning of 加剧

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jiā (Trad.: 加劇)
to intensify; to sharpen; to accelerate; to aggravate; to exacerbate; to embitter
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Antonyms: 减轻 加重
Example Sentences
But I observe the flaws, and believe they are set to intensify.
In fact, the more options you include in the test, the more complicated interpreting results becomes, and those complications are only exacerbated by testing more than one element.
Still more urgent, arguably, is a mechanism for supplying the zone's weaker economies with cash if panic accelerates.
He expects the younger Kim to intensify tension with Seoul to bolster his weak power base.
Any increase in wages above this height will lead to an increase in population, and then the competition of increased numbers for employment will force wages down again to the minimum.